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Humans' fear of reptiles comes not just from genes, but from shared memories throughout history. Every time in history there has been a record of a giant snake, there has been a catastrophe.


I saw huge serpent, bigger than anything I'd ever read about in history books. I even learned its name. It's called bad luck.


The great snake has been prowling the air, and those who have seen it say that it has wings, and those who have not. Maybe there was more than one snake. The one I saw didn't have one. But one thing is certain, it was bigger than the mountains, and when I saw it, its head crossed over the narrow streets, and the sky was covered, and the whole city was hidden in the shadow it cast.


It is the maintainer of order, and when it is out of order, it destroys the out of order and starts all over again. No one knows anything about it, because every time someone survives, they only have bits and pieces of it.


The serpent knows only fire, and does not see him who has no fire in his heart. The snake stared straight at me, with thunder and fire in its eyes. "Do something," it told me.

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