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Divination Flower

divination flower can see the fraction of your future, however it cannot talk, and it cannot look at you in the eye.


Fishspirit can is lighter than the air so it can swim in the forest, it help Woodspirit transfer to another place faster.


After all the Woodspirit is dead, all the resent of all plants will form the Future -- the God of destruction


Anti-hero, he is the CEO of an technology company, he create Mr.Smile, and decide to use high-tech to replace all the plants.

Dragon tree

Dragon tree usually find near a Woodspirit, it doesn't has eyes, so it need other creatures to help him identify the enemy.


Flowerspirit is not as powerful as woodspirit, it has the power to bless and curse, which brings lucky and unlucky.

Iron thorns

A mixture of plant and metal. Iron thorns can feel the CO2 and will attack anything emits CO2.


Mr.Smile is a genetic engineered tree, it is actually a reproductive machine, and can mutate and live in any condition


When Woodspirit was gone, the resent of the dying forest will form a evil dragon tree spirit -- drygon


He is the traitor, Magician's helper, aimed at summon the Future to restart the world.

Lu Ha

This is a plant that is used for drug, and can make people addicted and be aggressive.

Nightmare Ladybird

It come from the chambers, and it can sense the Woodspirit, a natural hunter.

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