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4 逃离

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

"We must move at once," said Father. After returning from the beach, he looked very upset.

He said to his mother, "From the moment I caught that fish, I knew this was going to happen." I knew that the fish he was talking about was one with bottle-cap eyes, but I didn't know why we had to move, or what the fear on my father's face was.

He quickly took action and bought a big truck. He reinforced the car's compartment layer by layer with iron plates until it resembled a moving tank. All our worldly possessions were packed into the truck and we set off in the first light of the morning. I didn't even say goodbye to my school friends because my father wouldn't let me.

"From now on, this truck is our home. Don’t leave this carriage until we reach our destination."

As the truck bumped, I looked out through the gaps between the steel plates. The world was the same as before. What had caused such a change in my father's attitude and what were these steel plates protecting us from?

After just two days, we had to leave the truck. As we drove down a road, the road splintered and the wheels of the truck sank in and couldn't move.







Asphalt Dragonfly 沥青蜓

My father tried to call a tow truck, only to be told it wasn't coming, that the "road plague" had spread across the continent.

Just a few weeks ago, at the construction site of a new road across a river in a town hundreds of kilometers away, numerous dragonflies landed on the road and refused to fly away, apparently in an attempt to stop the road's construction. But construction did not stop. They were flattened by rollers and buried in asphalt.

The tiny holes in the surface of the newly built roads were noticed but ignored, until a few days later, when the roads inside the city crumbled like rotten wood. Beneath the collapsed pavement, countless creatures shaped like dragonflies without wings wriggle.

Their bodies are covered with hard carapace, and they have strong jaws that gnawed at the pavement, moving through asphalt and cement at breakneck speed. Some have even burrowed into reinforced concrete buildings, leaving them crumbling.

Now that road plague is the top big news, no one cares about plastic fish anymore.









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