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2 植物的复仇

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Weed 杂草

In a little-known village, a farmer prepares to spray herbicide. He sensed something was amiss, as if the layout of his orchard had subtly changed, and his confusion was solved when the herbicide was sprayed -- the weeds pulled their roots out of the dirt and shook their bodies, squirming away like fish on shore. They barely made a sound, but the farmer felt their screams in their struggling bodies.

The frightened farmer fled home and called the police.

Unfortunately, the police ignored him. He tried to persuade his neighbors, but when they returned to the scene, there were only dead weeds. Even the farmer thought he was hallucinating from overwork.



Flower 咬人的花

A flower in the garden, suddenly aware of its pathetic fate, at the moment to be cut by the florist. It was destined from birth to be cut out and become an ornament in a family's home.

It knows that it is no longer able to survive in nature, and that it has become a beautiful and extremely fragile life in the long course of breeding. They are no longer part of the natural world, but part of human society, and they will be periodically harvested, periodically withered, periodically discarded.

It thinks: is there a kind of resistance that I can do? And so, at this moment, just as its stem was about to be cut, it took its revenge -- it bent its stem and bit its nurser -- and at some point its fine teeth came into being on its petals.

This was the news that shocked the world. The thoughts of the biting flower were entirely in my imagination, but I think it might not be far from the truth.

It wasn't motivated by good intentions, but it wasn't motivated by its evil nature either. It just received a command at that moment and developed a new instinct: Humans are the enemy.







Every tree is a twin, its branches above ground are younger brothers, and its roots below ground are older brothers. Trees have the ability to think, and the branches and roots are their nerves. The brothers have the same heart, but the root system is far more complex than the branches, so the elder brother is far smarter than the younger brother.

Before humans stepped into modern society, trees established the basic appearance of ecology. Birds, animals and insects lived on the fruits and branches, while earthworms, ants and microorganisms underground lived on the soil and roots. If these creatures have a common will, then this will must exist in the tree.

The root is uglier than its younger brother, and its life is longer than the younger brother's, too. Many people think that trees are dead once they are cut down, but this is not the case. Root still lives underground, listening to the voices from the ground.

Many of the trees have lived long enough to see how human acquired the power to rewrite nature, and how they became arrogant, until the roar of a chainsaw killed its younger brother.

Revenge became the only thing that mattered to the root.






Snake 蛇

The woodcutters were surprised to find that the trees they had cut down the day before had grown up again overnight, but without leaves and with branches that were more like roots. They were surprised and cut down the new tree. They waited for a new tree to grow again on the broken stake, but nothing happened, they chopped the brothers' bodies into pieces of wood and transported them to the furniture factory. These materials were made into wooden beds. The wooden beds have been the subject of many complaints from customers, who claimed that not only has their sleep deteriorated since the purchase, but they have woken up in the morning with bite marks and wounds on their bodies. To find out why, they set up cameras in customers' homes after they gave their consent, and they recorded some gruesome scenes. Late at night, when people were sleeping, the wooden bed squeaked and the wooden bars wriggled. They turned into roots, and then developed eyes and teeth. In our myth, snakes are born from broken roots, but we never thought this might be true.






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