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Updated: Jul 6, 2023


They come to the highest mountain in the world, where the first signal of the arrival of Sun Butterflies can be received. But they do this for no functional reason, just so that the TV media can have more to say, such as "they are already on the highest mountain." In fact, as long as there is enough open space, everywhere is the same. They put a huge bottle on top of a hill and waited for the sun to rise.


The bottle was so huge that it looked like the mountain had a head. Its outermost is a circle of huge leaves, inside are beautiful flowers, the bottle contains the cleanest mountain spring, the shadow of flowers will be reflected in the bottle. This is the largest glass bottle in the world, and its beautiful appearance hides a vicious trap. As the Sun Butterfly flies to Earth, it will be attracted to this beautiful garden, and when it falls into the glass at the top of the bottle, the leaves close like a Venus flytrap, trapping the fire butterfly in this greenhouse vase.

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