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The sun is a giant butterfly colony, a supercolony of trillions of fire butterflies. Fire caterpillars incubate in the core, fire pupae hatch in the photosphere, fire butterflies fly in the corona, and the bodies of dead butterflies emit so much heat that they are called sunspots.


Every once in a while, the sun sends a swarm of fire butterflies flying towards the Earth. Fading into oblivion on its way to Earth, the sun shines on the earth. The fire butterfly is the power source of the earth.


It has long been thought that the sun is fair, that it throws light and heat evenly in all directions, but it is not. Almost all of the sun's heat goes to the Earth. So Mercury is very close to the sun, but it's always cold.


Human beings have a habit, when they see beautiful things, they don't want to let it be beautiful freely, but want to keep it in a jar and make it a specimen. A team of researchers set out to catch fire butterflies.

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