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Fog Antler Deer might be an animal, or it might be a plant. It is feed on fallen leaves before it reach the ground. After autumn, after eating a lot of fallen leaves. it is bigger but its antlers are still short and soft. It will find a soft ground, start to digging a big hole to bury itself, only leave its antlers outside.

Day by day, the antler become bigger and harder, the fluff start peeling off. It starts to look like a pink coral.


Next year spring, it wake up from long long sleep. Shake the soil off its body, find a hard stone, and strike the stone until a crack appears, shows the soft antler inside. And it will start running. It runs super fast, faster than death and time. Ancient emperors and saints want to ride on it to escape death, but even in their dream they cannot catch it.


When Fog Antler Deer running, the antlers heat up against the air. Fog emanates from the heated antlers, until the mountain get covered by fog. In that fog, predators and hunters will get lost, only deers can see through the fog.


On the top of the mountain there is a temple, where is the destination of the spirits of the dead. Only went into the temple, they can find final peace. But in that fog, they wondered inside the mountain until their spirits are gone. That is because of Fog Antler Dear’s growing animus to human.


Protected by the fog, deers can feed and mate without worrying about get hurt. When the antler finally burns out, the autumn is coming, and Fog Antler Deer will start a new circle.

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