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Every tree is a pair of twins. Under the ground is the elder brother, it looks like its younger brother, but have no leaves.


The elder brother think using root, the younger brother think using branches. Because there are much more roots than branches, elder brother is much smarter.


The elder brother is much more ugly, and it lives much longer than his younger brother. Most people think once the tree get cut down, their life is ended. That is not accurate, the elder brother still lives underground, listen to the sound from ground, waiting for the revenge.


Some of the trees have such a long life circle, that they exist before the birth of human civilization. They see how ancient people become more and more capable, arrogant, and eventually take their lives.


The brother have seen many things that would make historians mad. But these things are nothing for them, even though human got the real power to change the world, they still live in their pace.


Until one day, the younger brother get cut down by humans.


People surprisingly find that after a night, there is a strange tree appeared, a tree without leaves. They cut that tree and prepare to make it a wooden bed.


They wait for another day, hoping there would be a new tree appear there. But nothings happened. The brothers get chopped into pieces, mixed up in the furniture factory.


At night, a people sleep on his bed, suddenly he hear something, the bed creaked, the wooden pieces start to wriggle, reverse back to roots, opened their eyes, and show their teeth.


Snakes are born.

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