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3 灵的诞生

Deep Ocean 海底的塑料山脉

After a series of biological events, confusion and panic began to spread in the population.

Investigation teams were called up and sent to the place where the strange things had happened. One of the stops was my house.

Ever since my father fished out the blobfish with bottle caps on its eyes, creatures with parts of its body turned into plastic have become more common in the area.

They came and asked my father a lot of questions, and then, to find out exactly where the place was, they took him away. They are going to send a man down into the sea to see what is in it.

Their diver went down into the deep sea and found astonishing images.

At the bottom of that sea, there is a colorful mountain range made entirely out of colorful plastic. On the surface of this colorful mountain range, unknown plastic creatures wriggled, some of which are so distinctive in appearance that they bear no resemblance to normal life except that they act like living things.

Later, those waiting above received a message from the diver.

"I thought I saw a human."









A white monster 白色怪物

The fear of the unknown made everyone hold their breath. The underwater cameras the divers were carrying showed nothing. They knew, of course, that it was impossible to be a human in that depth, and perhaps something in the ocean had made him hallucinate. The diver said, "I'll go and have a look. Maybe it's just some strange shaped plastic bags." The men on board told him to return at once, but there was no reply, and the diver, like a sailor enthralled by the song of a siren, swam towards the distant figure. As soon as he saw it, he knew that this was the cause of the mutation in this sea area. It wears a white mask and is made of plastic, with layers of plastic bags wrapped around its body. With the water moving, it is like wearing a white wedding dress. He could feel his eyes looking at him, even though they were just bottle caps. By the time they picked up his distress call and fished him out of the sea, his eyes were turned into two bottle caps. There's nothing captured by the camera, but the diver's eyes transformed into bottle caps, are hard evidence of some kind of supernatural life. These unknown life forms were later called spirits.








The brith of plastic spirits 塑料之灵的诞生

The subconscious of living things is immersed in eternal dreams, dreams that cannot be sought, but are always present within them. These dreams tell them how to survive and reproduce. What is it about the deep sea fish that subconsciously feels a deep sense of unease when they first see plastic? Where does it come from? How do I live with it? As this unease spreads, the fish have a dream that is the product of their common desire and the answer to their confusion. The Plastic Spirit was born, nurtured from the fear of humans and plastic that the deep-sea fish share, and it gave an order to the fish of this ocean area: To live with plastic, become a part of it. As an adaptation to their new environment, some fish bodies are gradually plasticised. Over time plastic accumulates on the ocean floor, and it's power keep growing. Until one day, one of the fish was caught by my father.








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