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木灵 Woodspirit


There are spirits reside within the trees, only one in ten thousand trees has a spirit. It is called Woodspirit. Human cannot tell weather a tree has a spirit or not.


Woodspirit has a brain, it is the memory of trees. Woodspirit has a big head and long slim limbs. They are born from the underground roots, and are born with a near-eternal life. But there are many things that can kill them, many of them are unintentionally create by humans. In fact, Woodspirit are less and less today.


When Woodspirit is dead, the memory of the forest is lost, they forget how to use their roots to absorb water, and forget how to absorb sunlight using their leave, so they gradually withered, and dead too.


The place where Woodspirits died is called soul-less area. If there is no new Woodspirit, this place will not grow trees anymore.


Woodspirits can move. They need roots as the channel, Woodspirit is a semi-transparent flowing liquid. The more roots they have, the faster they can move. It might still take a few days to transfer from one tree to another.


The tree inhabited by Woodspirit will have sweeter tree sap, some insects and animals can identify that.


Woodspirit is the spirit of life. It can cure diseases. After hugging a tree, paralysed people can walk again, and terminal disease get cured. For Woodspirits, these things are as easy as doing a huff. But they are sensitive to people’s heart, and will not cure people with impure intent. They used to be generous, but the changing environment make them offish.


Woodspirits need clean underground water to born.

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